Athlete’s Foot For Sale

Do you enjoy watching the exciting events in the athletics? Do you marvel at the amazing skills of the athletes? Do you find yourself thinking that you want one of their feet? If that's a yes then you've come to the right place! Fastest Foot First is the UK's number one athlete's foot supply company and we offer only 100% genuine athlete's feet at 100% genuine competitive prices.

The Fastest Foot First catalogue includes every single athlete in the world so we are confident there is an athlete's foot to suit every customer. Just watch any athletics competition to choose the right one for you. The Olympics showcases our high-end, luxury products, suitable for even the most demanding of customers; while the Diamond League includes our mid-range choices which should satisfy a wide range of tastes. Or if you're tight for cash this month then just pop along to a community sports event in your area to peruse the budget range.

We go the extra mile to guarantee that our feet are 100% genuine athletes' feet. Whereas other companies provide a certificate of authenticity, which can easily be forged, Fastest Foot First provides a 100% unforgeable video of authenticity, of the actual amputation, so you can be sure that your new foot is from a genuine athlete and not just a random estate agent from Hartlepool. Please note videos are rated over 18.

When placing your order please provide details of your preferred athlete. If we are unable to supply the foot of your chosen athlete, for example if the athlete has employed extra security, then we will supply a best match. To appease the moral crowd, we always endeavour to supply the athlete with a high quality wooden replacement, which enables them to continue with their training, albeit at a lower level of performance.

Please note that requests are cut to order to maintain freshness and extend longevity, therefore there might be a delay while we process your order i.e. chase the athlete around the running track. Orders are non-returnable due to the difficulty of re-attaching the foot to the athlete, especially as they tend to hop away when they see us again.

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