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Suppliers of quality badgers and badger-related accessories since 1905

Welcome to Badgers Direct, your one-stop-shop for all your badger needs. Choose from our wide range of badgers from our fully-trained professional badgers to our wild and snappy "fresh from the sett" badgers. Just give us a call and our friendly customer service staff will help you choose the right badger for you!

Why choose Badgers Direct over rival badger supply companies?

  • Badgers Direct has the country's largest selection of fully-trained badgers for you to choose from. Our world-renowned badger training facility produces badgers to a professional standard in a dazzling array of occupations and they come complete with all necessary qualifications and certificates. Our fantastic range includes butlers, maids, jesters, bakers, accountants, fighter pilots, football commentators, kitchen installers, pole-vaulters, gimps, astronauts and much, much more!
  • Our wild and snappy "fresh from the sett" badgers are perfect for the badger fan who likes to train and domesticate their own badger. We provide free 24/7 support for the first thirty-nine minutes of your new purchase. Buy now and take advantage of our special offer - a free first-aid box with every badger purchased!
  • We offer an unparalleled range of badger accessories for you and your badger. Popular choices includes the matching top hat and waistcoat set, so you can look the part when you perform those dance routines; the badgermobile, a race car specially designed for badgers; and the robo-badger power-suit, a hi-tech suit of armour for your badger which gives him super strength, laser cannons and the power of teleportation.
  • Badgers Direct offers free delivery to mainland UK on most of our badger ranges. Exceptions include the Giant African Elephant Badger and the Blue Whale Badger, both of which are still a very resonable £50,000 for delivery. Please make sure you're at home to receive these deliveries because neighbours always refuse to look after them.
  • You can buy with confidence knowing that Badgers Direct is a thriving and rapidly growing company. In fact, we are the fastest growing company this year; just last week our complaints department trippled in size.
  • Badgers Direct has been a family owned and run company since 1905 and we pride ourselves with always putting the customer first. If you are disappointed with any aspect of our performance then we want to know about it so that we can improve our already outstanding service. Our complaints department is located in our Antarctica office so don't hesitate to pay them a visit.

So what are you waiting for? Get your badger direct from Badgers Direct!

Contact us now to place your order or to request a free 32-page black and white Badgers Direct catalogue. A free badger badge is yours with your first order!