Did I say Facebook? I meant the We Are All Badgers internal version - Badgerbook.

The Big Cheese Badger doesn't use it much though as he's too busy writing important things rather than wasting his time on something silly.

27th Apr 2018 11:48am

Big Cheese Badger: Toast under beans for lunch again! Yum yum!

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Chester Chucklenuts: Which bean did you eat first?

Big Cheese Badger: I always eat first the bean at a bearing of 57 degrees and 3.49 cms in that direction.

4th Feb 2018 4:05pm

Big Cheese Badger: Will people please stop jamming the photocopier!!! It's a right bugger to clean!

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Jobson Jobsworth: Sorry. I needed to use the jam to lubricate my leg. It was stuck again.

Big Cheese Badger: Why didn't you clean it afterwards??

Jobson Jobsworth: My head is stuck too. I can't clean what I can't see!

Chester Chucklenuts: I cleaned up some of it with my slice of bread.

33rd Mur 201CM8 33:18pm

Big Cheese Badger: I think I've entered another dimension. Everything's gone weird. I think I'm stuck here!

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Jobson Jobsworth: At last!

Chester Chucklenuts: Who's going to clean jam from the photcopier now?

13th Jan 1835 9:56pm

Big Cheese Badger: Argh! When will the internet be invented? No one's looking at my posts!

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Chester Chucklenuts: I'd look at your posts, BCB, but I haven't been born yet.