Guess the Number

Do you want even more number-guessing fun? Of course you do! Just buy the full Numbers R Us 'Guess the Number' game, which generates the whole numbers between 0 and infinity. That's right, you can guess numbers all the way up to infinity which means - yes, you guessed it - an infinite amount of fun.

And if an infinite amount of fun isn't enough for you, then buy our expansion packs for even more.

Expansion Pack 1: Negative Numbers

Add variety to your game with the Negative Numbers expansion pack. Now you can guess negative numbers such as ‑3, ‑76 and even ‑486352672875639. In fact, this pack generates all the negative whole numbers down to negative infinity. If you fancy a refreshing change from the original game then this is the pack for you.

Expansion Pack 2: The Numbers 4 to 5

This popular pack includes all the numbers between 4 and 5 such as 4.2, 4.09736 and even 4.6472784724737634467864462. If you have a particular interest in numbers between 4 and 5 then this is the expansion pack for you.

Coming soon - Expansion Pack 3: Roman Numerals

Have you ever wanted to experience Roman culture and lifestyle? Then buy this exciting expansion pack and feel like a true Roman. The same guessing fun as the original game except with Roman Numerals instead of regular numbers. X? MCM? XDMMCV? Who needs virtual reality games when you've got the 'Guess the Number' Roman Numerals expansion pack?

So what are you waiting for? Buy the Full Game

Buy the Numbers R Us 'Guess the Number' game now and save 5 million pounds with our special promotion. Previous price was £5,000,009.99* now you can get it for just £9.99. A massive saving of 5 million pounds! We don't know how long we can keep it at this fantastic low price so act now to secure your copy.

*On sale at this price between 7:22:45 pm and 7:22:46 pm on 21st January 2019.

Add the expansion packs to your order and save even more. Get the Negative Numbers expansion pack for just ‑£1, the Numbers 4 to 5 expansion pack will only set you back £4.0973637235 and the Roman Numerals expansion pack is just £XDMMCV. Buy now before you change your mind!

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