Word of the Day

The Word of the Day award is one of the most respected competitions in the world today and is a regular winner of the Best Competition competition. The Best Competition competition is also rapidly gaining critical acclaim and has won many competitions including even itself.

The winner of today's Word of the Day award is:

  • mooch v.
    to loiter about aimlessly

Congratulations to mooch on winning the Word of the Day award. Big Cheese Badger informed him of his success and he was delighted but also a little surprised; he had been feeling underappreciated and neglected of late, so much so that he almost withdrew himself from the list of official words. However, winning the award has restored his confidence so it looks like mooch will be mooching around for a little while longer.

Note: The word 'day' in 'word of the day' is used in its loosest sense.

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Word of the Day Awards

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