Colour of the Day

Congratulations to Green on winning the Colour of the Day award. Thousands of years of hard work colouring grass, leaves and slime has finally paid off.

Green is one of the busiest colours around; in addition to his vast colouring responsibilities, he is the chairman of the Save The Rainforests charity, an avid supporter of the "Eat Your Greens" campaign for children and is also a founding member of the Anti-Autumn Movement.

Some Green is displayed below for your viewing pleasure. Click the image for an enlarged printer-friendly version. You have our permission to distribute copies to friends, family or work colleagues. Framed, the image of Green would make a wonderful Christmas present, or a fitting final gift for a loved one on their deathbed.


Note: The word 'day' in 'colour of the day' is used in its loosest sense.

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Blue Quits

The popular colour, Blue, has quit! He announced his shock decision at a hastily arranged press conference at the We Are All Badgers office, at which point it looked like the sky dropped out of the, er, sky.

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