Word of the Day Previous Winners

Presented below for your perusal are several majestic previous winners of the Word of the Day award:

  • acquiesce v.
    accept without complaining.
  • perturb v.
    disturb greatly; alarm. best used in the phrase:
    "I was most perturbed."
  • cup n.
    small drinking container with a handle.
  • cupboard n.
    board to keep cups on.
  • arse n.
    large growth on the reverse of the body. used to excrete bodily waste and humorous gases.
  • door n.
    handy opening thing that leads to another room. often mistaken for a jar.
  • god n.
    all-powerful fictional entity of no fixed abode. also dog backwards.
  • bob n.
    officially the best name in the world. short for bobbert.
  • yomp n.
    hardy trek through nettle and bush. can only be done with a yomping stick.
  • mill v.
    move in a confused manner. often put into practice by the We Are All Badgers staff.
  • pah! n.
    exclamation of sheer disgust.
  • mayhap adv.
    old fashioned word seemingly formed out of maybe and perhaps, with the same meaning. should be used more often, mayhap.
  • peruse v.
    read in a careful or leisurely manner. the next word is available for your perusal.
  • badger (1) n.
    nocturnal burrowing mammal with a black and white head. recently voted greatest animal ever.
  • badger (2)
    n., v., adv., adj.
    a word that can used in place of any other word as long as the meaning of the sentence is still known to the listener. is that badger?
  • ho-hum n.
    much like a sigh - expresses resignation to a certain course of action.
  • crapulous adj.
    sick from excessive indulgence in liquor. comes in handy as it is not technically offensive so can be uttered to the queen with no annoying death penalty consequences.
  • irksome adj.
    irritating or annoying. e.g. Big Cheese Badger is an irksome fiend.
  • endofpreviouswinnersofthe-
    ahem, not technically a word.
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